PharmaDeals Essential Deal Trends

PharmaDeals® Essential Deal Trends is an exciting new deal trend analysis resource from PharmaDeals’ expert analysts. It provides crucial facts, figures and analysis for business decision support, helping to answer questions such as:

‘Can I benchmark my deals against others?’,
‘Are we getting the best value for our asset?’, or simply,
‘what are the characteristics of the deal making landscape within our therapeutic space?’.

PharmaDeals Essential Deal Trends: Oncology (New Update Published October 2012)

Approx: 100 pages, plus appendix
ISBN: 978-0-9568270-1-2 (electronic)
ISBN: 978-0-9568270-4-3 (print)

The Report enables you to:

  • Benchmark against actual deals
    The report contains over 1,000 oncology deals from 2011 to June 2012 that can be analysed by type of deal, type of product, total deal values, upfront or milestone payments, or by phase of development with links to complete deal records including review articles and PharmaTelevision interviews.
  • Review comprehensive trend analysis
    Overview of the trends in global oncology deals signed since 2000 including selected case studies.
  • Assess oncology dealmaking by the key players
    Overview of the oncology deals concluded by the Top 12 Pharma companies since 2007.
  • Read Case Studies classified as 'Super Deals', 'Trend-Busters', and 'In-line Deals'
    We highlight deals that are on trend, break new ground, or even represent a potential paradigm shift.

Features Include:

  • Wealth of Tables and Figures ‘ready for use’
    At the heart of Essential Deal Trends lies the facts and figures that underpin any analysis. Use the tables and figures directly in your presentations and reports.
  • PharmaDeals iReport offers much more
    Fully searchable and interactive online format. Great search facility, language help (in 9 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, French, German and Spanish), and easy to browse to get the text, tables and figures you need – quickly.
  • Fully exportable in different formats
    All text, figures and tables are exportable into MS PowerPoint, MS Word and PDF, allowing you to manipulate the data to suit your own analytical or forecasting needs.
  • Deal Linking
    Essential Deal Trends is underpinned by the PharmaDeals’ Agreements database which provides timely and actionable market intelligence for analysts, business developers and company executives in the life sciences sector. Drawing on extensive data covering over 46,000 deals, Essential Deal Trends gives detailed insight into a range of different deal types across the therapeutic area. Link quickly from the reports to the full deal records (requires a PharmaDeals Agreements subscription).

Price: $2,545 for single user annual subscription

Small company and academic pricing available

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