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The Next Generation PharmaDeals (2008-05-05)

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Most of you recognise that at PharmaVentures, we are always seeking innovative ways to make the task of deal making easier. Twelve years ago we launched PharmaDeals, and in that time we have built both a considerable database of over 28,000 records and a considerable archive of articles analysing the deal activities of not-for-profit institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Most of the world’s leading pharmas and biotechs, financial institutions, law firms and universities subscribe to PharmaDeals.

Despite the success of PharmaDeals, we have not been sitting on our laurels, and, instead have embarked on the biggest revamp of the product since its launch twelve years ago.  This month we launch the next generation PharmaDeals v2, which has a whole range of exciting new benefits to users that accelerate the product way past its competitors.

We brought in the world’s best software developers and designers. This has resulted in a complete rebuild of the database architecture from scratch, and has produced a new powerful search engine, with all records now classified to internationally recognised standards. These developments will enable users to confidently search and identify the correct deals associated with specific therapy areas, indications and technologies. They will also help our customers to uniquely integrate the data we provide into their own databases in a distinctively and powerful way.

Furthermore, at the user-interface level, we have incorporated Web 2.0 technology , which improves the user experience through better access and display. In particular, it provides an excellent way to browse related deals and to save deals to your watch list. Deals are linked to over 100 television interviews produced by PharmaTelevision, as well as links to US SEC filed licensing agreements, and to the considerable archive of related analytical articles produced by the PharmaDeals team over the years.

To allow users to get the most of PharmaDeals, we have broadened the access options available to subscribers. These now include Full Remote Access with password protection, Open Access within your organisation through IP Domain Authentication, and also XML-feed through special arrangement.

We are extremely excited and proud of this next generation PharmaDeals, and our team looks forward to arranging a demonstration for you.