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Benefits to Your Company

PharmaDeals v4 offers premium deal intelligence to help you to:

  • Empower your business decision makers: Use PharmaDeals v4 to assist with mission-critical decisions
  • Track competitors' deal activities
  • Analyse what is happening in your deal arena and beyond
  • Benchmark deals
  • Access our in-depth expertise as internationally recognised specialists in deals and alliances.

PharmaDeals v4 Agreements includes:

  • A database of over 50,000 deal records - continuously added to, updated and maintained by our specialist editorial team
  • Deal types, therapy areas, product stages of development, licensed deal territories, deal financial information and live share prices
  • Orphan drug data and expanded coverage of developing markets
  • Full-text contracts from US SEC filings
  • Advanced, highly granular search capability
  • Personalised email alerts and watch lists
  • Extensive export and graphing functions
  • Video interviews with key opinion leaders in pharma and biotech from PharmaTelevision
  • Conference Calendar of Partnering Events to help you plan your diary
  • Flexible delivery to you and your company

PharmaDeals Review

Part of the PharmaDeals v4 Agreements subscription, this online journal includes:

  • Expert analysis on the biggest and most important deals
  • Read online in HTML and PDF
  • Delivered straight to your inbox: Read on your tablet ‘on the go’
  • Archive of articles covering all major deal events since 2002

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Access options include username/password, IP domain authentication (access through your company’s intranet) and xml data feeds.


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