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The Royalty Rate Report is the definitive guide for the industry and provides in-depth analysis of one of the most important but elusive components of a biopharma deal – the royalty rate.

The Royalty Rate Report: A comprehensive assessment of valuation in the pharmaceutical sector
Key Benefits
  • First hand insight on royalty rates from deal-makers via our PharmaDeals survey
  • Gain opinions and advice from leading industry deal-makers who share their thoughts on royalty rates
  • Receive guidance on the best methodologies to use including benchmarking and expected net present value when calculating royalty rates for vital decision making
  • Understand the differences in perception of value between biotechs and pharmaceutical companies and how that impacts the value of a deal
  • Review actual royalty rate data supported by case histories and be better informed before negotiating your next deal


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The report includes:
  • A historical overview of royalties, their relevance to the biopharma industry and the psychology of royalty structures
  • Introduction to methods for calculating useful financial data missing from the public domain - essential for dealmakers in benchmarking and determining value in a deal and its relationship with future royalty streams
  • Thought leadership in determining royalty rates including the concept of effective royalties in the analysis of deal structures; calculating royalty rates in biotechnology deals supported by key opinion leader insight
  • A detailed presentation of key methodologies - benchmarking and expected net present value - used in calculating royalty rates
  • Market data and current trends in royalty rate disclosure by development phase, by indication and by the top pharmaceutical companies
  • Industry perception of royalties including a review of the literature, discussion on tiered royalty rates and critical analysis of the results of the PharmaDeals Royalty Rates Survey
  • A comprehensive appendix includes a listing of all royalty reporting deals from the last 10 years.
  • One year subscription to the report published on the interactive online IMS Syndicated Analytics Library
  • IMS Syndicated Analytics Library offers full searchability including cut and create your own report
  • Export tables, figures and whole chapters into Excel, PowerPoint and Word
  • Nine language automatic translation – choose to view report in French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean or Russian


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